Helping Christian organizations and creators tell their story through creative media and strategic marketing. 


Elevating God’s handiwork for Kingdom impact. 


Our founders met among the glass-walled offices of a WeWork in New York. Their unlikely paths merged as they spent three years laboring together in the nonprofit space. If you’ve ever worked for a start-up,
you know that you learn to do a little bit of everything. These two young women, early in their careers, were hurled into an array of tasks from event planning to program strategy and beyond all while traveling the world. 

Their journeys took them in different directions but not for long. While one served in education and even the FBI, the other went to grad school and worked in venture philanthropy. You may be wondering where all of these odd experiences and skills could lead. They did too. In a pivotal moment in both of their personal and professional lives they came together to launch Parable Creative, inspired by their passion to serve and elevate the Christian organizations and creators that are shaping the Christian cultural landscape. They are excited to partner alongside you because your story is worth telling. 

About the

becca gonzales lapage &
Nicole manalo edmond

  • Maintaining a boutique experience for our clients - working intimately, through deep relationships with key clients that match our mission and values. 
  • Building a platform for diverse Christian expressions through creative digital media. We are a minority and woman-owned small business. 
  • Helping clients refine their purpose through clarifying their message, mission, and goals. Helping clients sift through the noise. 
  • Providing the highest quality service through attention to detail and creative guidance.

5. What are the core values that guide our work? 

We work closely with clients to determine a price that fits their budget and appropriately compensates us for our time and effort. Our work is missional so we strive to provide flexible pricing that blesses our clients and us. 

2. How much do our services cost? 

Because we believe in your mission and want to utilize our creative skills to take some of the grunt work off your plate. Working in the nonprofit space, we’ve been there. We know you’re juggling a lot of tasks while you focus on your mission. Let us help you create beautiful promotional videos for your next event, concise marketing materials for your programs, a clear strategy for how to approach funders, or creative branding guidelines as you build your brand.  

1. Why choose Parable Creative?


Frequently Asked Questions

No way! While we feel specifically called to elevate the work of Christian organizations that align with our values, we are not limited to working with Christian clients. Reach out, and let’s see if we are the right fit. 

3. Do we only work with Christians?  

One of the most potent elements of Jesus’ ministry was his parables. He creatively crafted stories that communicated core values and lessons to his followers. Stories are powerful and close to God’s heart. Therefore, we believe there is power in showcasing your work through creative messaging and visuals. 

4. Where did our name come from?